What is sodium methylate?

Sodium methylate is a chemical compound presented either in the form of a 30% solution in methanol, or in colourless solid form.

Flacon Méthylathe de Sodium

Very widely used in the fine chemistry industry, the main market for sodium methylate is biodiesel production where it is used as a catalyst to convert triglycerides into biofuels.

All the biodiesel production plants currently in operation are based on esterification of vegetable or animal oils with methanol.

To obtain satisfactory results, this reaction needs to be catalysed using sodium methylate.

Diagram of an initiated reaction
Diagram of an initiated reaction
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Download here sodium methylate specifications in pdf format.

The first environmentally-friendly European sodium methylate

Our continuous manufacturing process does not use any mercury at all in the production of sodium methylate, contrary to our European competitors who use a sodium-mercury amalgam in their process. Our process is based on the use of metal sodium, which avoids any use of mercury.

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