Biodiesel sector

Mercury-free sodium methylate for better performance, proven efficacy for simpler treatment.


Sodium methylate is used as a catalyst to accelerate the process of the biodiesel's chemical reaction, reducing the energy required to start the reaction.  It is very widely used in industrial biodiesel production plants which primarily use vegetable oils or animal fats as the main raw materials.

The main advantage of sodium methylate is its virtually anhydrous nature, which ensures excellent performance and constant quality of biodiesel.

Moreover, with its new production system using metal sodium, EnviroCat is the first and currently the only company in Europe to produce and distribute sodium methylate without using sodium-mercury amalgam. Mercury-free sodium methylate for a healthier environment.

ISO Sodium

A Clean manufacturing process

Improves the footprint of the biodiesel industry by the use of sea transport for methanol procurement.
All the French plants used to procure catalyst sourced from Germany! EnviroCat contributes by significantly reducing road transport for transporting the catalyst.
1,000 tonnes of C02 saved per year!

A safe process:

The process is reliable and presents less of a risk than the mercury process. The manufacturing plant will not be Seveso classified.

EnviroCat's mercury-free sodium methylate has been Kosher certified by the European Kosher certification bureau.

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Our collaborators in Europe

European companies will benefit from cleaner sodium methylate, thanks to the "mercury-free" technology unique in Europe created by EnviroCat, and also thanks to the sourcing of sodium methylate closer to their biodiesel production sites.

The advantages of EnviroCat:

  • The only sodium methylate in Europe guaranteed to be mercury free
  • Equipment suited to your requirements.
  • Reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • A very favourable ordering procedure.