Preserving the environment thanks to a clean production process is at the root of the concept developed by EnviroCat. The environmental aspect was one of the key strategies for the launch of the project.

La Rochelle

Sales by EnviroCat lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint of 1,000 tonnes of C02 per year.
In Europe, sodium methylate is currently produced in two plants by means of a polluting process using mercury electrolysis. Thus 56 kg of mercury were emitted in 2011 as a result of this manufacture in Germany.

EnviroCat is the only company in Europe which markets a sodium methylate with 0 traces of mercury.

In addition, the decision to develop a continuous process has made it possible to reduce the volume of equipment and so the risks of a major accident. The 25,000 tonnes of sodium methylate are actually produced in two 3 m3 reactors.